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Created 28. December 2022

Nowadays, it is unfortunately not enough for websites or online stores to simply look nice. They must also have no technical errors, be search engine optimized and designed in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (DSGVO). 

You can find out whether your website meets all the requirements with a website check. How you can do this, what exactly is checked and why such an analysis is important, we explain in this article. 

How does a website check work?

For most websites that perform a web check, you simply enter the URL of your website and it will be checked automatically as a result. After the website check is finished, you will see the result of the analysis. If necessary, you will receive a detailed overview of recommended actions for a better Google search ranking, for DSGVO compliance, or for any other anomalies.

Depending on the provider, you will then be contacted and receive further info on how you can best implement these recommendations for action. In addition, depending on the tariff, a monthly website check will be carried out to keep your website up to date.

What is checked during a website check?

  • Conversion rate - How much revenue was made in relation to the number of visitors?
  • Responsive web design - How is the display of your website on mobile devices?
  • Findability of the website - How is the ranking of your website?
  • Website load time - How fast does your website load?
  • Search engine optimization - Have all ranking factors been taken into account? 
  • Keyword analysis - Have keywords relevant to users been used?
  • DSGVO compliance - Is your website designed according to the DSGVO?
  • Content - Is the content/language correct?

Why should you perform a website check? 

You should perform a Website Check to get an overview of what works well on your own website and where there are still weak points or optimization potential. Since the user comes first, optimizations must always be done for the benefit of the user.

On the one hand, the analysis helps you to get more customers, because the check helps you to get to know your visitors and their preferences and to optimize your website accordingly. On the other hand, it helps you to increase the performance of your website, improve the ranking of the website in the interest of the users and make it DSGVO compliant - so that you don't receive any penalties or warnings. 

How can I check my website for errors?

You can check your website for errors by using a free or a paid online tool. This will eventually perform a website check for you, which will provide you with a detailed analysis about the technical weaknesses of your website. 

Of course, you can also perform a website check yourself by rethinking and, if necessary, revising the structure, design, content and usability of your website. Above all, take the feedback from your customers or visitors to heart and design your website accordingly. You can also check and adjust the loading time and the mobile version of your website.

What is an Online SEO Check?

An online SEO check is a tool that analyzes websites with regard to the ranking factors of search engines such as Google. If, as a result, optimizations need to be made to your website to get a higher ranking for your website, this is called search engine optimization. 

The tool is familiar with all current ranking factors and can directly identify both technical and content-related weaknesses of the website. These optimizations that emerge from the SEO analysis provide you with better visibility for your online store or service, leading to more traffic and thus more sales. 

If you choose a technical high-quality tool, it will not only detect the weak points or errors of the website, it will also help you fix them at the same time and give you tips on how to avoid them in the future.

Want to have your website audited?

If you want to have your website audited, we can recommend our Decareto DSGVO Scanner. This works reliably and provides you with the results within minutes. Our tool scans all subpages, including the contact form of a website, identifies opportunities for improvement if errors occur and helps you implement them.

Of course, your security and the protection of our customers is important to us, which is why we store your data exclusively on German servers.

If you would like to try our Website Check free of charge, please register for the 14-day trial period on our website. If you have any questions or would like more information, please feel free to contact us by e-mail or simply give us a call.

Author: Eckhard Schneider

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