We scan websites for privacy violations

decareto checks websites fully automatically and identifies problems with cookies, trackers or faulty consent banners. For data protection officers, law firms, web agencies and compliance teams.

Is your website compliant?

What our customers say

Thomas Floß
EDV-Unternehmensberatung Floß GmbH
"With our partner decareto we are playing in the upper third of the Champions League."
EDV-Unternehmensberatung Floß GmbH
Our own ambition is to play in the top third of the Champions League in the area of data protection and in the top third in the field of data protection and information security. To do this, however, we need partners and their tools that fully meet this requirement!

In the area of data protection, we have succeeded in particular with decareto!
Ingo Krause
Managing Director, Data Orga GmbH
"We've been working with decareto since 2021 and with it, the overall standard of the websites has been increased by more than 70%."
Data Orga GmbH
We've been working with decareto since 2021, and by now over 170 of our customers' websites are checked for cookies, external services, and technical settings every month, which means that the overall standard of the websites has been increased by more than 70%. We are particularly satisfied with the constant enhancements of the functions and the fast and direct service.
Beatriz Loos
Managing Director, SiDIT GmbH
"decareto is a great help for us to find out which services are actually included in a website."
decareto is a great help for us to find out which services are actually included in a website. These results are presented in a clearly structured risk report, which enables us to provide our customers with the best possible data protection advice. We would also like to mention the top support!
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Why use a GDPR scanner?

Minimize risk

Regulators and competitors can easily check any website for vulnerabilities - decareto protects against fines and warnings.

Save time

decareto examines websites with subpages completely automatically and reduces the time required by 90%. This also enables ongoing monitoring.

Improve sales

With decareto scan reports in your branding, you can sell your consulting even more easily and can offer new services without additional effort.

How decareto works

Automated website scan

We check the complete data processing on the website and identify cookies, elements in the web storage and external services. Vulnerabilities such as missing consents or lack of server security are documented.

Reports in your own branding

You can share reports in your company's look and feel with clients or colleagues, including through automated delivery. Offer a paid website audit based on the report and generate additional revenue!


You are protected from surprises, because we scan your websites daily and send a notification if relevant changes have occurred. We thus protect against fines, even if vulnerabilities that have already been fixed reappear.

International regulations

decareto takes into account local laws such as the nDSG in Switzerland, different interpretations of the eprivacy Directive
Or the EU-US Data Privacy Framework. Additionally, you can configure the rating of services and cookies individually.


decareto supports the needs of complex processes and large teams with btiered user management, single sign-on, a REST API for automating processes, and scanning of password-protected websites.

decareto advantages over free tools

You can also perform a website check with apps like Webbkoll or the Browser Developer tools, but decareto provides a more comprehensive analysis in a fraction of the time.
decareto identifies source, purpose and necessary legal basis of cookies and services, not just raw technical data
decareto not only scans the start page, but also subpages of a website and thus finds captchas, videos, maps or social plugins
decareto interacts with the consent banner and thereby also finds services and cookies that are loaded only after consent has been given.
These aspects are fully automated by decareto, manual execution with free tools is not practical when looking for this depth.